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Extension of LLP BEN 2 AND FORM 4D BY MCA TILL 1/7/2024 || BENEFICIAL OWNER DUE DATE EXTENDED|| || The Legal Time||


In a bid to support the smooth functioning of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) across India, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has recently announced a significant relief measure. This move, outlined in General Circular No.-03/2024, entails an extension of the deadline for filing crucial forms, bringing relief to LLPs navigating regulatory requirements. Let's delve deeper into the details of this welcome development and its implications for LLPs.


LLPs, like other business entities, are subject to regulatory frameworks aimed at ensuring transparency and compliance. Previous regulations introduced by the MCA, including the Limited Liability Partnership (Significant Beneficial Owners) Rules, 2023, and the Limited Liability Partnership (Third Amendment) Rules, 2023, mandated the filing of specific forms such as LLP BEN-2 and LLP Form No. 4D. These forms play a pivotal role in fulfilling obligations under the Companies Act, 2013.

Extension of Deadline:

Recognizing the challenges faced by LLPs amidst the transition from MCA-21 version-2 to version-3, the MCA has decided to extend the deadline for filing Form LLP BEN-2 and LLP Form No. 4D. This extension is not merely about granting more time; it's about alleviating the burden on LLPs by waiving additional fees associated with late filings. This gesture aims to promote compliance and facilitate a smoother transition for LLPs.

Duration of Extension:

LLPs now have until 01.07.2024 to submit the aforementioned forms without incurring additional fees. This extended timeline provides LLPs with a reasonable window to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. It allows them to review, prepare, and submit the necessary forms without rushing, thereby fostering a more organized and stress-free process.


General Circular No.-03/2024 reflects the government's proactive stance in supporting businesses, particularly LLPs, during regulatory transitions. By extending the filing deadline and waiving additional fees, the MCA prioritizes the ease of doing business and encourages adherence to legal obligations. This measure not only demonstrates the government's commitment to promoting transparency and accountability within the corporate sector but also underscores its efforts to nurture a business-friendly environment.

In essence, the extension of the filing deadline for LLPs is a positive step towards ensuring compliance and operational continuity, ultimately contributing to the overall growth and sustainability of LLPs in India's business landscape.

key points

  • Deadline extended for filing Form LLP BEN-2 and LLP Form No. 4D until 01.07.2024.

  • Waiver of additional fees for filing within the extended deadline.

  • Rooted in prior notifications by the Ministry, including Limited Liability Partnership (Significant Beneficial Owners) Rules, 2023, and Limited Liability Partnership (Third amendment) Rules, 2023.

  • Aligned with the transition from MCA-21 version-2 to version-3.

  • Aimed at promoting compliance among LLPs.

  • Designed to ease reporting burden and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

  • Provides reasonable timeframe for compliance, fostering operational continuity.

  • Reflects government's commitment to supporting businesses, especially LLPs.

  • Demonstrates proactive approach towards promoting transparency and accountability.

  • Contributes to creating a conducive business environment and fostering sustainable growth for LLPs.

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